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Become a Mentor/Find a Mentor

The DCPA Mentorship Program is a free  service offered to DCPA student and early career psychologist members.  The purpose of the program is to match members with DC area psychologists who can answer questions, provide support and professional guidance to students.  By participating in the DCPA Mentorship Program, students and ECP's can hear first-hand about career opportunities in the field of psychology, the process of applying for externships, internships, and post doctoral programs.  Mentors can also assist students in developing research interests. 

Mentors and mentees will be matched based on similar interests, experiences, and career/academic pursuits to the best of our ability and will receive an email with contact information for their mentor/mentee. Mentors and mentees decide together about the frequency and content of meetings.

If you are interested in obtaining a mentor or becoming a mentor please fill out the application here or email

Please note that the Mentorship program  is only open to current DCPA members. Join now to take advantage of finding a mentor right away.

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