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DCPA Center for Learning and Professional Development

The Center for Learning and Professional Development (CLPD) is designed to promote and coordinate the integration, implementation, and creative expression of the many programs and activities that are related to the association's active committees, professional development and education programs. 


It has always been our goal to establish a supportive intellectual community that serves to enhance both the personal and professional growth of the mental health community in a vibrant and collaborative environment that embraces creativity and imagination. Now that we have been granted recognition by the APA as a fully approved sponsor of Continuing Education Programs for CE credit, it is also our hope to become a hub for the acquisition of professional education and training, wisdom, ethics, and social justice. 



To accomplish this objective, the professional development component of DCPA has evolved into the creation of a dynamic learning and professional development center designed to promote the training and application of the principles and practices of psychology to mental health professionals and the general community. The DCPA Center for Learning and Professional Development (CLPD) will have a number of divisions and will direct attention toward: psychotherapy integration, the advancement of science in psychology, life enhancement, colleague assistance programs, ethics, social justice, diversity and cultural competency, as well as a Mind/Body/Spirit Institute. The many divisions that are components of the CLPD reflect the diverse areas of interest and focus of the association and are also representative of it's growth, vitality, capability and engagement of the Board, the committees and program directors. The center will also design programs for both students and early career professionals and additionally provide more intensive and advanced training opportunities for more experienced and senior practitioners. 

It is our hope that the CLPD and the many programs that are generated from its divisions will serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and the acquisition of the collective wisdom and energy of the Association. We welcome your interest, ideas, and engagement.

Stephen Stein, Ph.D.

Director of Professional Development & Clinical Training

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